Top Ways To Create A Big Impact At Your Next Corporate Event

You’ve spent weeks, if not months planning your corporate event. And now is the time to make it happen. But planning a corporate event is not always easy. How do you make the most of your time with your audience? How can you maximise your impact? It’s not always clear what the answers to these tough questions are.

There are, however, some simply rules that work in almost all circumstance. Here are some helpful tips for creating a big impact at your next corporate event.

Dress Smart

When you’re running a corporate event, it’s a good idea to look the part. That doesn’t mean you have to go all out and have perfectly ironed shiny black suits and ties. But it doesn’t mean that you make an effort and look comfortable in your own skin.

If you’re holding a consultation or a seminar, you might consider wearing black. Wearing black tends to make people think that you’re smarter than if you wore other colours. And it’s also associated with professionalism.


Hand Out Branded Products

Corporate gifts are a great way to create a sense of goodwill between you and your audience. And they’re also a great way of marketing your company.

Handing out products like Dynamic Gift drink bottles with your own brand on them completes your brand.

Practice Public Speaking


There’s a world of difference between the presentations given by people trained in public speaking and those who aren’t. Public speakers know how to project their voice. They know what sentence structures most engage an audience. And they know how to speak fluently with confidence.

Unfortunately, many small business owners just assume that they’ll do a great job, even without practice. That’s a bit akin to turning up at a tennis match and assuming you’re going to win without doing the training.

What’s more, a lot of small business owners don’t prepare themselves for the difficult questions that come after. Any audience will contain confrontational people who just want to make life more difficult. And there’s a knack to dealing with them.

Use Social Dynamics

It’s often been said that attitude is contagious. As social animals, we can’t help but mirror the infectious enthusiasm of others. The same applies in the business world too.

The best way to get your event off to a flying start and to have a great atmosphere is if you have a great attitude. Your excitement and composure will inform the feel of the event. It’s the difference between an event that is cringeworthy and one that’s genuinely enjoyable.

Manage Expectations

The expectations that people have of your event will vary. Each person will have an expectation that is related to their own past experiences. But how they perceive your marketing efforts will colour your event.

In general, it’s best never to over promise in business. Overpromising is what leads to disappointment more than anything else. It’s better to promise slightly below what you can deliver. And then do your best to deliver something that exceeds customer expectations.

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